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this is dalikfodda

magazine articles and video edits from over the years, (the magazine scans can be viewed in full screen and are at high enough res to zoom to read the text (if you so wish).

midsommar night: officially an uk adidas team trip for the reason mag in june 2015, but all the riders are dalikfodda family and the TM is thrashmore, so it's in here. filming and sick edit from tim schiphorst a la postland:

fivers4trannys...again: castleford, west yorkshire, august 2013. tranny mayhem for fivers, snacks and soft porn returns, this time with music from bongcauldron and special guest jake oe

fivers 4 trannys: castleford, west yorkshire, august 2012. dalikfodda snowboard contest on a tranny park. good top-to-bottom runs earn an instant fiver. gentle slams get a sausage roll or scotch egg, with soft core pornos for heavy slams. man of the match is crowned 'tranny finder general'. live music from steak, performing on the slope.

dirt: dalikfodda has had cars in several of the 'dirt' series, thanks to the magnificent christian stevenson. here from dirt 3, released in may 2011. this guy looks like he learned to drive in bradford!

thrashmore and schoph interview from the reason 2.3, some time in 2010/11

pacific northwest trip january 2010. steven's pass, baker, vancouver and whistler in the reason issue 2.1

wetfart2: selling sledges to scallies. film from the legendary 2010/11 yorkshire winter season, including will smith's first street part! also a scan of the accompanying whitelines feature. edit by smith, jr and thrashmore.

wetfart. first ever snowboard street section filmed entirely in england - leeds to be precise. filming and edit by damo doyle. december 2009 - january 2010

dalikfodda shithouse tour 2, spring 2009. gentlemans pistols & jettblack tour the Alps with the dalikfodda team

kommunity camp feature from document magazine march 2009 (shots from summer 2008). very sadly, two friends from the team portrait are no longer with us. r.i.p. nelson and keith. x

dalikfodda powerthirst because FUCK YOU. kommunity camp summer 2008.

dalikfodda shithouse tour, spring 2008. snowboarders + stoner rock.

New Year 2007/8 dalik team trip to avoriaz/morzine:

OG Shithouse Gig with small man boxing, Tignes Val Claret, April 2007

eastern europe trip: 2006/7 dalikfodda team tour of eastern europe: slovakia, hungary romania and bulgaria: