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a history of dalikfodda

dalikfodda was born between 2005 and 2006, from the love of rock'n'roll, guinness and snowboarding. 

Schoph developed the idea and logo on a trip to NZ in summer 2005 and over the following season, dalikfodda hats were made available to the good folks of Tignes. During that season, Thrashmore was a barman in the only bar in town serving guinness and the two became friends, spending the season listening to the likes of Dozer, ASG, Turbonegro, The Sword, Torche, Mastodon and, of course, Black Sabbath.

At this time, gangsta rap was all he rage and outerwear that made the wearer look like a fucking Christmas tree, so we decided to throw a brand launch party in April 2005, mainly as an excuse to play metal in the guinness bar.

To have a launch party, we needed product, so as well as the hats Schoph had been getting done back home in Yorkshire, we printed some bandanas and simple bad lyric t-shirts. dalikfodda was born:

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